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We are simply storytellers

with a passion for growing businesses through digital marketing


Business Sidekicks.

We advocate products, services, people and organizations we believe in through digital strategies, media and advertising. Entrepreneurs and their team have already completed the hard part of creating their businesses; we simply share that with the world in a creative way that cuts through the noise.



Our story.

KLARA M was founded back in 2018 with just an idea and a credit card. We started off by creating free videos for businesses, not really knowing where it would lead. This endeavor was fueled by passion and a genuine joy for content creation, funded by good ol' credit card debt :)


But things started working out rather quickly. The businesses we made videos for shared them with their friends who were also business owners, and they were more than willing to pay for our services. This cycle continued until today. Not only have we completed hundreds of projects over 5 years in Guam, but our team has also worked in the Philippines, Saipan, Bali, and Hawaii. We have won awards for our clients and worked with a diverse client base, including celebrities, first-time business owners, multi-billion-dollar corporations, non-profits and small businesses.


That’s why there’s never a dull moment at KLARA M, and everyone on our team loves what they do! We believe this is ultimately what has allowed us to maintain a 100% job completion rate and a 5-star average rating. And when you hire us, you’re not getting a company whose sole motive is to profit off of you; you’re getting a team who cares about the work they do and care about delivering the results. 

Klara M logo

Filming FIFA president's first visit to Guam


Great, but why choose you?


One-stop solution

We're your entire marketing department. We do the copywriting, creative, social media management, ads, website and graphics. We will not charge you anything outside our fees! Fast. Easy. Affordable. No B.S.


Award-winning content

Get professional-grade content production with us. Our work has won awards and have been featured in magazines, international TV shows and in an art exhibit in Guam!


Best drone pilots

Our drone pilots are literally the top of the top pilots in Guam. From FAA approvals to piloting skills, we got it all. 


Perfect middle ground

We are not in either extremes. We're not fancy; we're not amateurs. We are your best choice to get the job done without breaking the bank.

What motivates us.


Videoography Services

A true professional. I highly recommend Klara M. Taking a vision and masterfully transforming it into a video was truly amazing. Klara M’s attention to detail along with their filming attributes made our project a success.

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