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We are simply storytellers

with a passion for growing businesses through digital marketing

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Filling a need.

To advertise your business, you really have three choices: do it yourself, hire a really expensive agency for fancy services you don't need, or hire an amateur (or worse a beginner) who really doesn't seem promising.

All three choices are extreme and that's where we saw our unique positioning in the market. KLARA M offers expert digital marketing services with breathtaking visuals & content at a price point that is hard to argue with.

Our goal is to be your one-stop, outsourced marketing department for less than the cost of hiring one marketing manager.


Great, but why choose you?


One-stop solution

We're your entire marketing department. We do the copywriting, creative, social media management, ads, website and graphics. We will not charge you anything outside our fees! Fast. Easy. Affordable. No B.S.


Award-winning content

Get professional-grade content production with us. Our work has won awards and have been featured in magazines, international TV shows and in a museum in Guam!


Best drone pilots

Our drone pilots are literally the top of the top pilots in Guam. From FAA approvals to piloting skills, we got it all. 


Perfect middle ground

We are not in either extremes. We're not fancy; we're not amateurs. We are your best choice to get the job done without breaking the bank.

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Brian, GTA

When it comes to drone photography, Klara M has been top notch in terms of professionalism and direction to fit my needs.


Emily, Guam Postal Express

It is a good experience working with [KLARA M] for building up business from scratch. Having strong marketing sense, he leads business towards to the goals with directions. I enjoy working with Klara M. Highly recommended!!!


Shuxian, Angela Nail

[KLARA M] is very professional, takes good pictures and videos. Already seeing good results in the first few days for our business when start working with him. 


Worked with [KLARA M] for 3 months, they are very creative, helpful, and flexible with time. Professional work and high quality. Highly recommended!!

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