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Licensed by the FAA

Class Delta Authorization

Nearly 1000 logged flights with countless hours

4K professional-grade imagery

Trusted by industry pros.

Affordable rates with double the value




Did you know drones are considered an aircraft? This basically means that anyone operating one must comply with the regulations set out by the FAA and failure to do so can and will result in criminal charges and/or prison time. 

This isn't the scariest part though. YOU as the client can get charged by the FAA for hiring an unlicensed drone operator for up to $11,000 per occurrence. This has been a major issue especially in the real estate industry and unfortunately, ignorance is not a defense. 

What do I do?

Whether you hire us for drone services or a different company/person, you must vet them and hire smart. These are the three questions you must ask every drone pilot you hire:

Is your drone registered with the FAA?

Do you have a Part 107 sUAS license?

Are you authorized to fly in the proposed location?

The last question is especially important because Guam is a small island with an airport in the middle. Just because you're licensed doesn't mean you're authorized to fly. 



Aerial photography

Aerial Videography

Inspections (roof, etc)

Mapping, 3D rendering

Base rate

$175 / hr

By project


Recently hired him for drone work to be shot at EIF 2019. Recommended by a friend of mine. He was prompt and professional. He is licensed and can get clearance. Went above and beyond when he did a test flight at the location for me to be absolutely sure he was cleared to fly. Outstanding work! Thank you again!

-JP Alano, creative director

"Worked with Dong for his drone videography services for our New Year's Docomo Pacific commercial. Excellent flying skills, and very easy to work with. 5 out of 5."

-Bobby Bonifacio, film director

I hired Dong for some last minute drone work on a production that I was directing and he was very communicative, prompt and easy to work with; he helped me execute my vision to the best of his ability. I would definitely recommend him for any of your drone needs.

-Niel Romero, film director

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