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Ready to leverage social media?

Build your brand, increase your sales and stay relevant

It's a pain, we know.

Here are common pain points we encounter. Sound familiar?

My sales are stagnant (or dipping) and traditional marketing methods aren't working

It's too expensive to hire a marketing associate, let alone a whole marketing team.

I want to grow even faster and I want to start leveraging digital marketing, but don't know where to start.

Having one of my staff "handle" marketing isn't working and training them to do it is complicated.

I know social media is important, but it's too overwhelming and difficult to take on myself.

I've run social media ads before but it's a money pit. It never converts to sales.

Enter Social Media Marketing Services.

When we say we do the full 360, we actually mean it. Often times when you're hiring a marketing agency, you're really hiring a middleman who just manages the social media accounts and runs the ads, but lacks the key component of content production. Social media is pointless if you don't have effective content!

This puts you in a position to spend more on the content (photos, videos, graphics) to help your marketing agency do their job better, which makes you ask why you hired them in the first place.

Our integrated approach to the rescue


This is the most overlooked aspect of marketing. Words are powerful and plays a key role in any advertising or marketing effort. From social media post to blog posts, we got you.


We will manage your monthly advertising budget and place it strategically into all the social media platforms for maximum growth and effectiveness.

Graphic Design

We will add relevant graphic design elements to your social media accounts, social media posts, and your website. Aesthetics play a large role in your online presence.


You're already busy running your business and managing your team. Let us manage all your social media accounts and engage with your customers.

Content Production

We will produce purposeful and relevant content that engages and speaks to your core customers. Have a consistent flow of photos and videos that speaks to your lovely customers.


Giveaways, influencer marketing and other strategic campaigns will drive growth to both your online presence and your business. We will plan and execute this for you.


Our Philosophy

Just because social media is an advertising tool for your business doesn't mean that's the only way you should use it. In fact, if that's your current strategy, chances are no one is listening or your very own customers are blocking you. 

Social media is an opportunity for you to connect with your customers. It's a tool for you to build your brand identity online and build trust. It's a tool for you to share your story. It's also a golden chance to create raving fans that'll buy from you over and over again. 


Connect with your customers.

When most businesses make the difficult decision to raise their prices, they typically try to hide it and get a ton of negative feedback from their customers. One strong example of the power of social media and constantly engaging with your customers is our client Håfaloha

When we had to raise prices, all of our customers gave us nothing but love. Why? It's because our digital strategy is revolved around connecting with them, being transparent and honest with them, and always providing value. 

Costly mistakes

made by amateurs

Digital marketing services in guam

Acquiring fake likes/followers from bots


Relying on your money for growth (ads)


Holding you down with long contracts


Running ineffective ads with no goal


Using stock photos and videos

Why us?


No long contracts

We are confident in producing results for you and your company. We don't need to tie you down in a long contract that doesn't serve you.


Content focused

We don't believe in buying likes or targeting developing countries for cheap, irrelevant followers. We add enough value to your target customers through amazing content and storytelling.



We manage & produce everything in-house, making our prices much lower than what others may charge you. The fact is, social media needs content consistently and we have the ability to produce amazing media ourselves.


Organic first, paid after

Why pay for growth when you can do it for free? We focus on growing as much as we can organically through unique pictures, videos and graphic before running a single ad saving you hundred, if not thousands of dollars in advertising.

Basic plans starting from

$1,800 / month

Let's build a custom plan

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